A New Voice for Winnebago County

My name is David Soll and I am running for Winnebago County Board District 20.


The 2016 election cycle alerted voters across the political spectrum to the need for real political change. Millions of Americans who’ve sat out past elections suddenly had real hope in the primary that year. There was a level of anger both parties ignored that led to unexpected results. I fully believe if things had gone differently with my party in the primary we’d be in a much better place today. Regardless, I remain the same kind of candidate I ran for the very first time in 2012, a proud and unapologetic social democrat who will represent the good people of my district and county with integrity and honesty.

I do stand for single payer Medicare for all at both the state and federal level, but as your candidate and eventual public officer for the Winnebago County Board I will fight for investing in a publicly funded super fast broadband internet WiFi internet service, a prevailing minimum wage of $15 tied to production and inflation by 2022, stronger collective bargaining rights for unions, investing in a locally focused “green” New Deal, full public financing of elections, ending our counties participation in the federal 1033 program, making Winnebago County a state leader in animal welfare, and most importantly, the creation of a public county bank.

So let us stand together and be a collective voice of reason by treating each other as patients in need instead of as health care consumers, join with over 180 communities across America and create our own locally owned broadband internet and WiFi service, strengthen our economy by paying everyone a minimum livable wage, offer everyone the opportunity to have democracy in their workplace, take a leap forward into the 21st century by washing our hands of foreign oil, make us all proud to vote again, make it so our police protect and serve all of us at all times, treat every animal with dignity while doing all we can to find a happy home for every furry friend, and most importantly, the creation of a public county bank fashioned after North Dakota’s nearly 100-year-old state bank to remove Wall Street and the big financial institutions that nearly took down the world economy barely a decade ago out of the equation once and for all.

Please go to “Get Involved” and join up to add your voice with this progressive grassroots effort. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided up. We must stand together if we are to take on special interests and defeat those who are only in it for themselves or listen to big dollar donors. So if you support these and other progressive ideals, we could use your help.

Me with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in May 2014, Goose Lake, IA