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Please note you are continually registered to vote IF you have voted in any election since moving into the home you reside in, and are eligible to vote in any election, be it the local consolidated (typically every other April) primary (typically every other March) and general midterm (every two years) and presidential (every four years).

You need only to re-register to vote IF you have moved to a new location. If you are unsure of your voter registration status, feel free to verify you are registered here.

For a complete list of all your candidates, applications for “early” voting, register to vote, find your polling place, or see a map of all the precincts and districts click here.

If you are interested in volunteering any of your time and energy, feel free to ask how you may be eligible for official credit toward school for volunteering your time. The reality is no one person can do this alone. I need your help. To understand what I mean, be sure to read the quote from Thomas Jefferson to the right side of this page.

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