Dirty slimy politics is all they got

Got a phone call today from a super sweet lady who had received one of my fliers the other day, but who also received the following (see photo below) sleazy, slimy, disgusting, dirty political bull cookies one expects from desperate good ole boys who have zero platform, little decency, and are undoubtedly scared to death that I might actually pull off a victory on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.
This lady informed me that she was going to research my opponent, but as soon as she got this flier, she told me “her bullshit detector went off.” Her actual words not mine. And she decided then and there she was voting for me. I can only hope that this lady is not alone in her initial gut feeling about this blatant smear written about me on this despicable hit piece by the current sheriff on my opponents behalf.
My guess is a couple thousand folks got this flier in the mail which takes two single sentences from a SEVEN PARAGRAPH opinion piece I wrote two years ago this opinion piece  so completely and grossly out of context that it would be laughable if not for the serious nature of what is at stake. I am truly hurt by this flier. It angers me that my ability to fight back is severely limited. More on that later …
My opponent called my fact based allegations into his crummy business practices and his receiving a $1000 “donation” from the law firm which represents the asphalt plant that he voted YES to recommend be built despite the knowledge that the proposed location sit directly atop the local watershed for 40,000 of our fellow citizens via a 3rd party as “mud slinging”.
NO! Mud slinging is taking two sentences of a nearly 1000 word column completely out of context and printing that on a political flier days before the election in hopes that the spreading of such a flat out lie might work! THAT is mud slinging at best, sleazy slimy desperate politics at worst. It also shows a complete lack of respect to the voters that they send such a pathetic hit piece and hope enough people will fall for it? Quick curve, but if you’ve gotten this far, be sure to check out my solutions page before you leave.
These deep insiders to the local political machine have plenty of money to spread their propaganda about me to the voters at the last possible moment before the upcoming election, and they know I don’t. So this last minute slimy sleaze attack against me … all I really have to fight back with is my website and my small sphere of social media friends. So if any of you care about the truth getting out there, I need your help to spread the facts. Copy/paste the link and share it! 

One thought on “Dirty slimy politics is all they got

  1. Good grief! The sheriff should be ashamed of himself! Either he got played by your political opponents or is too damn lazy to have researched your column before signing off on that hit piece.

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