A Necessary Response

What does it say about how bad things really are in the political realm that Laborers Local 32 out of Cherry Valley endorsed my Republican opponent for the county board? Recall this is the very same union which SUED my opponent back in May 2017 for nonpayment of $168k to that unions pension funds! As far as I can tell, that suit is still ACTIVE?  Even if it is closed, remember that throughout the time the suit was (is?) active that there has been late payments, missed payments, and at least two bounced checks! Not to mention the local unions lawyers have given him and his company many opportunities to clear it all up.
In my mind, this “endorsement” from Local 32 doesn’t mean very much under these circumstances. The fact is my opponent got SUED for nonpayment to a contractor. THAT gets to the core of what’s at stake here! A good question to ask would be, why? Why did this union endorse a man who not only stiffed them, but apparently never paid back the full amount owed? All the facts to back up these two claims can be found HERE
My opponent recently called my calling out his bad business practices and accepting a $1000 payment from the law firm which represents the asphalt plant he voted YES to recommend be built despite full knowledge the proposed location sits directly atop the local fresh watershed for some 40,000 of our fellow citizens as “mud slinging”. Which is code for “I don’t want to talk about it, hey look, SQUIRREL!” … if only I hadn’t discovered those pesky documents to back up my claims, huh?
He also states that I spend all my time attacking him instead of what I bring to the table. That is laughable to say the least. Check out any of my social media and sure, you’ll see a few mentions about the facts I expose about him. But mostly you will see my mentions of potential solutions I bring to the table. Go to my Solutions page and check it out. Some good stuff in there.
Anyway, recall that I was endorsed by IBEW Local 364, Rockford United Labor, and AFSCME Council 31, I fully support a brand new Labor Bill of Rights , I helped start a union at First Student in Belvidere in 2010, and have been a member of HFT Local #540 since 2011 getting elected by my peers as secretary, vice-president, and building rep. 

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