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Make your voice heard. What issues should be tackled for Winnebago County (IL) but more specifically, the 20th District? Sound off in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “Speak Up!

  1. It’s the ENVIRONMENT! It’s the ECONOMY! It’s $ in Politics! And now the goofus doofus elected by the scared old white guys is owned by Putin? Our POTUS trusts him more than our own agencies? We all fell down some awful rabbit hole when we allowed this to happen. It is for leader a lIke David Soll to bring us back to the surface again.

    1. And enough funding so there are two officers per patrol and a new police policy that doesn’t allow a rookie officer do a double shift in the middle of the night by him/herself/

  2. If progressives, democratic socialists, and members of the Democratic Party want to rack up electoral victories, they must support candidates who will leave the dance with the folks who brought them. Examples: Medicare-for-All, Employees Card-check for mandatory union recognition, Free Public Colleges, No Further Privatization of Public Lands, 21st Century WPA, Re-institution of Environmental Protection Agency, Full Staffing for UPS, Abolition of Electoral College, etc., etc., etc.

  3. My dad died waiting 45 minutes for an ambulance in Loves Park. To say that the emergency response system for EMT service is underwhelming at the county level is a compliment. The system is archaic and devoid of reason why the county would dispatch a bus in Belvidere for a medical emergency in loves park yet if you speak with anyone “in charge”, the only response you get is, “that’s just the way it is, sometimes people have to wait”. Talk with any law enforcement officer outside of Rockford city (which has an excellent response time of sub 7 minutes if I recall a news report on the issue from years back) and you’ll also find LEO’s refer to the OSF “lifeline”, as “flat line”.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that PM … first, we’d have to find out if what happened to your dad was a fluke or typical? If typical, then yes, I’d say every penny needs to be found immediately to update the 911 system in our county. There should be no excuses where emergency services are concerned. If a fluke, then there needs to be an outside investigation as to why it took nearly 45 minutes for them to respond. What were the factors involved? Distance between where the ambulance got the call to where your dad was. How many other calls at the time? Did they keep in contact throughout? 45 minutes is completely unacceptable regardless!

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